Lime Mortar Walls vs. Cement Mortar

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If you’ve been doing some research prior to choosing our services, you may have come across two types of mortar: lime mortar and cement mortar.

Lime mortar walls in construction have historically been very popular, so it is important to allow our Gillingham landscapers to complete a survey of your property before carrying out your repair to ensure we are using the correct material.

This is because lime mortar and a modern cement mortar have different properties. Below our experts have compiled a list of these various properties to offer our clients a better understanding of what building repairs they require.


Qualities of Lime Mortar

  • Porous

 This allows moisture in the building can virtually unnoticeably evaporate through the pores. This is great for regulating a property’s humidity and avoiding damp formation.

  • Flexible

The lime within lime mortar allows the substance to be flexible, reducing the likelihood of cracks forming and building instability as a result of the earth’s natural movements and extreme weather.

  • Weatherproof

Lime mortar walls will protect your building from all forms of weather, including frost, without the need for additional sealing. 

  • Proven effective over centuries

The construction of lime mortar walls dates back as early as the Roman times, used for many applications including buildings, bridges and suspended floors.


Qualities of Cement Mortar

  • Non-permeable

This creates a sealed surface that doesn’t offer a passage for excess vapour, meaning most buildings using cement will require increased ventilation methods. It does not deal with moisture meaning you may experience condensation problems.

  • Rigid

Constructing using cement mortar will require expansion joints to avoid cracking with natural earth movement. This is a great property to have in the right project, but sometimes the cement can be too strong for the other materials it is used with.

  • Waterproof

Your cement mortar will completely seal joints and walls. Other materials used around cement though will need to treated and protected to avoid rot developing.


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