The versatility of Dry Stone Walls

Dry stone walls are never run-of-the-mill, because each is constructed by stones sourced from nature. This means their irregular and natural shapes form a beautiful mosaic of organic stone, but this isn’t the only reason dry stone walls can be made completely unique to you. In fact, when you enlist a trusted dry stone wall builder or landscaper such as those of Dorset-based Tom Trouton, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just what we can do with dry stone, and it’s not limited to just walls…


Versatile Dry Stone Walls

Dry stone walls aren’t about just combining stones to create a wall; there is so much more technical prowess and attention that go into making them beautiful. For example, we have previously worked with a piece of felled oak tree and built it into the dry stone wall for one of our clients. This is how we make our projects truly unique, because we take inspiration from the natural world around us and achieve something truly individual.



We have enjoyed the versatility of dry stone walls so much so that our dry stone projects have branched out from being simply just walls. We created a huge apple sculpture for one of our clients, modelled after the hoary morning apple. With the apple in question right in front of us, we were able to construct a large sculpture complete with a bite taken out of it. We also worked alongside a talented designer, who provided aged cedar wood for the stalk and leaves. See, it’s never just walls.


Dry Stone Benches

We are skilled at building sheltered seats and benches within dry stone walls. For larger walls, we can build broad stone pillars and seat a large natural stone on top to form a roof over another slab suspended in it, providing a nice garden bench for a large domestic garden or a shelter for your community or walkers along your estate.


Dry Stone Effect Fireplace

We don’t only use dry stone for outdoor structures and walls – we also provide our services for interior structures such as dry stone effect fireplaces. This adds a real rural farmhouse touch to any property, stylistically ideal for properties converted from barns. We have achieved this for a client before using Purbeck stone, and it achieved a minimalist chic appearance.


When planning a new landscaping project in Dorset, seeking a new dry stone garden wall, or even a new feature on your grounds, Contact Tom Trouton today to see how we could help.