Four Advantages of Lime Mortar Wall Construction

Four Advantages of Lime Mortar Wall Construction

Oct 11, 2023

In recent years the use of traditional building techniques has become popular once again. Whether it is the use of green oak to build a beautiful home or the application of wattle and daub, some people are turning to use lime mortar once again.

Yes, lime mortar wall construction has been undertaken for hundreds of years, but very few of us these days know relatively little about it. Especially in relation to just how effective it can be as a building material.

But What Is Lime Mortar?

Lime mortar today is made up of hydraulic or non-hydraulic lime that is then mixed with water and an aggregate like sand. Today it is mainly used either in helping with the conservation of old buildings or building new ones but relying on old traditional building methods.

The actual use of lime mortar can be dated back to at least 6,000 years ago when the Ancient Egyptians used it as a plaster on their pyramids. But the use of lime mortar wall construction began to die out during the 19th Century this was due to the introduction of Portland cement.

However, there are certain advantages to be gained from using this form of mortar in place of Portland cement. It is especially good to use much softer building materials have been used such as certain natural stone.

Why Lime Mortar Is Better Than Portland Cement

The first reason why it is better is that it is more porous. It actually helps to wick away any dampness in the wall to the surface and then evaporates. So any salt in the water will crystalline on the lime causing damage to it rather than the wall.

Whereas cement doesn’t allow so much water to evaporate, so the risk of damp issues arising is much greater.

Four Advantages Of Using Lime Mortar Wall Construction Methods

  1. More Flexible Less Brittle: If there is any movement within a building as lime mortar is more flexible it will reseal any cracks that may appear in it. As a result of this softer bricks or stones won’t end up cracking.

  2. Is Breathable: If any moisture is able to get into the walls from either inside or out it can escape more quickly. So the risk of having mould in your home is greatly reduced, it also means that any wood won’t deteriorate, as quickly should it come into contact with water.

  3. Is Softer: As it is softer you will find that it can be removed more easily, without it actually causing any damage to stones or bricks when it was used to keep them in place. Whereas Portland cement is a great deal harder so replacing it is very difficult. Often when trying to repair any wall constructed using Portland cement results in either the bricks or stones being defaced or broken, even when the cement has deteriorated very badly.

  4. Lime Mortar Wall Construction Options: If any of the above advantages have you seriously considering about using such then here at Tom Trouton, we can offer you a high-quality service that will help improve the look and condition of your home.  We are more than happy to discuss further with you how beneficial such wall construction can be to you.  


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    "Dear Tom, This is excellent. Thank You. It's a standout proposal, it has the potential to be a seminal piece of work. With best wishes,"

    Arthur C, Castle Cary


    "Dear Tom, This is excellent. Thank You. It's a standout proposal, it has the potential to be a seminal piece of work. With best wishes,"

    Arthur C, Castle Cary


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